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Xtreme Hip-Hop Step is a fun energetic step aerobics class that is for all ages and all backgrounds. This step aerobics format is done with flavor, flare, and of course HIP-HOP!  We implement cardio on the step and do so to fun old school and new school Hip Hop & R&B Music. Xtreme Hip-Hop step platform can be executed in beginner to advance levels. There is always something new to learn and it can be a great challenge. Commitment and dedication is key.

Xtreme Hip-Hop Step "The UpTake" is a 25min Xtreme Hip Hop step class for those that are ready to take their skill to the next level. (Level: Advance)

Xtreme Burn is a cardio workout class that creates a safe, effective, and fun Xtreme Class. Xtreme Burn is a cardio class that combines low to high impact movements. No equipment required! This class is unlike any other Burn format and is energetic and fun to follow.

Barre is a low impact class that combines ballet-inspired moves with elements of Pilates, dance, yoga, strength training and flexibility. 

MixxedFit is a people inspiring fitness program that combined explosive dance movements with bodyweight toning and exercises.

Xtreme Hip Hop and Xtreme Burn formats have been proven to shape the body, change lives around, and enhance your physique. These formats make a huge impact physically, mentally, and emotionally. To date, this has been the most effective workout regimen in my own journey. Barre health benefits expand from improving posture, increases flexibility, tones and strengthens muscles, reduces stress, and releases endorphins allowing for better mental focus.

Whether looking for a fun workout or wanting to try something new-Xtreme/Barre can take you to that level. When you keep consistent with the formats you will notice that your respiratory system functioning become more efficient. Not only does this format aid in a healthier appearance, but you will have less aches and pains and better posture because you will be working out in a better and safer manner. This cardio format will support better circulatory system, build stronger joints, and firmer muscles.


As a public health advocate-disease prevention is important. Why not exercise to lower risk of stroke, improved cholesterol levels, and better digestion and controlled appetite. As you remain consistent in the cardio format, you begin to see the loss in body fat and/or weight. Fun dance fitness classes are an overall booster of energy and happiness. It is bound to improve your joint mobility and improve bone density. Each format can be taken up to an advance level which can increase your weight loss. If you give it a try, I promise you won't be disappointed.

Other Services

  • Private Dance Lessons (Jazz, Hip Hop, Ballet, Modern, and more!! ) All ages. Weekly / Monthly Sessions starting at $120 and Up.

  • Health Fairs, Workshops, Interactive events for youth and adults, and more!


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