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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do I need prior step experience to join the class?

A: No. This platform is for all levels of fitness no matter your prior experience with step aerobics. If you want to dance, have fun, work out, or even learn new moves, you can join in! Xtreme Burn is cardio without a step. No step is required. Even better!

Q: Will I be able to discuss my questions / concerns and learn new moves I may find challenging?

A: Yes, the instructor may stay with participants after class who have questions/concerns or participants who are in need of proper execution of a new move. Review of calls are shared at the start of class. Additional resources will be discussed during class for participants to access.

Q: Are Step platforms available?

A: Steps are available for use at the facilities and private events.

Q: What's the latest I can register for class?

A: Participants should register for class through the facility (DCRC). Private events protocols differ.

Q: Can I record portions of the class?

A: Participants can record routines from class however, it is prohibited for participants to record the instructor breaking down moves.

Q: How do I get in contact for future events/services (health fair, 1:1's, group events)?

A: Email

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